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Ninja Courses,Ninja Warrior Course,Ninja Obstacle Course,Kids,Custom Made,Price,China Manufacturer

Ninja Courses,Ninja Warrior Course,Ninja Obstacle Course,Kids,Custom Made,Price,China Manufacturer
Product Name: Ninja Warrior Course
Specification: Customized Design by Customer CAD Floor
Aged For: 6~13 years or Adults
Main Material: EPE,Wooden,PVC,PU Leather,Acrylic,Organic Glass,LLDPE Plastic,Galvanized Steel,Stainless Steel,Nylon,Cable Rope,Aluminum,HDPE,Plywood
Main Component:Safety Pads,Jump Boxes,Net,Mats,Landing Mats,Foam Cube,Springs,Dodgeball,Socks
Options Elements: Adjustable Overhang Wall,Air Steps and Ring,Air Swing,Angle Run,Balance Log,Ball Crossing,Bar Hopper,Bar Hops,Bungee Rings,Camel back,Campus Board,Cannonball Alley,Cargo Tube Net,Cliffhanger,Climbing Wall,Double Salmon Ladder,Double Twister,ECO Frame,Floating Bridge,Fly Wheel,Flying Bar,Flying Squirrel,Giant Cubes,Hanging Bungee Ropes,Hanging Doors,Hanging Silks,Horizontal Cargo Net,Horizontal Tube Net,Incline Ramps,Incline Treadmill,Iron Paddler,Island Hops,Jump To Cargo Net,Jungle Swings,Kids Soft Play,Lache Bars,Ledge Walk,Liquid Logs,Log Grip,Meihua Poles,Offset Padded Logs,Parkour Steps,Peg Maze,Pipe Slider,Plank Traverse,Portable Bar Tops,Ring Slider,Rings Overhead,Roof Climb,Rope Swing to Cargo Net,Rope Traverse,Roundabout,Rumbling Dice,Salmon Ladder,Sea of Balls,Sea of Discs,Sea of Multiple Rings,Sea of Poles,Sea of Poles Elevated,Sea of Rings,Sea of Swings,Shrinking Steps,Side Frame Rig,Sideways,Sky Hooks,Slack line,Sonic Curve,Spider Jump,Spin Cycle,Spindle Roller,Spinning Wheels,Steps adjustable,Steps ascending,steps channel,ground to box,ground to ground,Swoop Slider,Tarzan Ropes with Balls,Tilting Frame,Tilting Ladder,Tilting Panels,Air Track,Trapeze Bars,Traverse Cliff Hanger,Traverse Floating Stairs,Traverse Globe Grasp,Traverse Hanging Spikes,Traverse Monkey Bars,Traverse Peg Board,Traverse Peg Holds,Traverse Peg Plate,Traverse Ring Toss,Traverse Spinning Globes,U Rope Walk,Unstable Bridge,Up and over wall,Vertical Ninja,Wall Hops,Warped Walls,Wheel Roller,Wing Nut,Zip Line,The Hybrid Deluxe,Aluminum Bleachers,Wavy Step,Incline Wedge,Unizoid Barrier,Octa Posts,Ring Slider,Rolling Dice,Quad Steps,Balance Beam Ninja,Gorilla Grip,Chimp Flip,Hamster Wheel,Bar Hopper,Ninja Trapeze Bar Obstacle,Salmon Ladder,Ninja Hook Nunchuck Holds,Tree Top Traverse,Bamboo Blitz,Mini Peg Board,Bonobo Bounce,Devil Steps,Boomrang,Cheese Wall,Floating Monkey Bars,Rope Ladder Monkey Bars,Ring and Peg,Trussing Column covers,Transfer Boxes,Ninja Bombz,Ninja Flinger,Shelf Grab,Ninja Rings,Ninja Warrior Climbing Rope
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