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Swing Set Accessories

秋千座椅 搭配 (2)

Item Model: 5B2003-2

Ground Size: 26*29.5*27 cm

Ages: 6~23 month

Warranty: 5 years

Packing: Cartons

Application: School, Kindergarten, Day care, Park, Public, Play Center, Play Area, Amusement Park etc.

Material: LLDPE plastic Component, Stainless Steel Hook,Stainless Steel Screws, Powder Coating Chain, Cable Rope

Notice: Click image to see enlarged images.

Item No. Ground Size (L*W*H) Image
5B2001 Square Seat 30*30*26 cm
5B2002 Infant Plastic Seat 37*23*40 cm
5B2003-1 EVA+#201 Stainless Steel Seat 26*29.5*27 cm
5B2003-2 EVA+#304 Stainless Steel Seat 26*29.5*27 cm
5B2004-1 EVA Flat Seat 66.5*14 cm
5B2004-2 EVA+#201 Stainless Steel Seat 60.5*15 cm
5B2004-3 EVA+#304 Stainless Steel Seat 60.5*15 cm
5B2005 Bend Seat 42*17*4 cm
5B2006 H Shape Seat 80*38*59 cm
5B2007 Rubber Seat 44.5*18*2.8 cm
5B2008 Bird nest Seat Dia100*6 cm
5B2009 Tyre Seat Dia60*18 cm
5B2010 Flower Seat Dia28*3.8 cm
5B2011 Thicken Flower Seat Dia30.5*6 cm
5B2012 Screw Thread Dia28*3.8 cm
5B2013 Small Ball Seat Dia29 cm
5B2014 Large Ball Seat With Thin Rope Dia38 cm
5B2015 Large Ball Seat With Thick Rope Dia38 cm
5B2016 Triangle Rings-pc 16*21 cm
5B2017 Round Rings-Pair Dia19 cm
5B2018 Plastic Rings Set L53*W13.5 cm
5B2019 Plastic Rings Set L59.5*W24.5 cm
5B2020 Single Head Climbing Ladder Dia3*L30*H200 cm
5B2021 Double Head Climbing Ladder Dia3*L30*H200 cm
5B2022 Disc Climb Rope Dia26*200 cm
5B2023 Rope With Knot Dia26*200 cm
5B2024 Rope Dia26*200 cm
5B2025-1 Powder Coating Chain 100 cm
5B2025-2 120 cm
5B2025-3 150 cm
5B2025-4 180 cm
5B2025-5 200 cm
5B2025-6 300 cm
5B2026 Large Climbing Stone
5B2027 Small Climbing Stone
5B2028 Thickned Flower Seat
5B2029 Screw Thread Seat
5B2030 Colorful Knot Disc Seat