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Rope Obstacle Structure Component List

Item Model: I1EC003

Item Name: Plum Piles

Focus: Coordination, Low Body

Ages: 5~15 Years

Warranty: 5~10 years

Packing: Plastic Film + Cotton woven, Cartons

Application: Shopping Mall, Shop, Restaurant, School, Kindergarten, Day care, Indoor Play Center, Play Area etc.

Material: Mild Steel, Aluminum Alloy, LLDPE Plastic, HDPE Plate, Wood, Stainless Steel, Cable Rope, Fiber Glass

Notice: Click image to see enlarged images.

Item No. Item Name Image
I1EC001 Net Tunnel
I1EC002 Boxing Road
I1EC003 Plum Piles
I1EC004 Obstacle Fence
I1EC005 Up and Down
I1EC006 Seesaw
I1EC007 Across Hole
I1EC008 Zip Line Road
I1EC009 Wooden Tunnel
I1EC010 Width-Narrow Road
I1EC011 Waterwheel Road
I1EC012 Log Road
I1EC013 Five Circle
I1EC014 Short Wood Road
I1EC015 Star Road
I1EC016 Climb Ladder
I1EC017 Crook Road
I1EC018 Barrier Road A
I1EC019 Swing Road
I1EC020 Barrier Road B