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Item Model: I1BC607

Item Name:Time tunnel

Warranty: +8 years

Packing: Plastic Film+Woven Cotton, Carton

Application: Shopping Mall, Shop, Restaurant, School, Kindergarten, Day care, Indoor Play Center, Play Area etc.

Material:PU Leather, Wood, EPE Sponge, PVC, Nylon Rope, Mild Steel, Organic glass, LLDPE Plastic

Notice: Click image to see enlarged images.

Game Model Game Name Image Game Model Game Name Image
I1BC601 XOX Panel z14 (2) I1BC601 Net ladder z11
I1BC603 Overhead ladder z16 (3) I1BC603 Net climbing z20 (3)
I1BC605 Single-log Bridge z24 I1BC605 Rope Bridge z33 (3)
I1BC607 Time tunnel z26 I1BC607 Net bridge 微信图片_202012021004177
I1BC609 Cloth mountain road z23 (2) I1BC609 Rope ladder z43 (3)
I1BC611 Net river z27 (3) I1BC611 Inflatable slide z6 (2)
I1BC613 Swing bridge 微信图片_20201202100417 I1BC613 Tower-A z4 (4)
I1BC615 Transparent tunnel z31 (3) I1BC615 Tower-B z30 (3)
I1BC617 Obstacle bridge z44 (3) I1BC617 Dinosaur ladder with transparent tunnel z35 (3)
I1BC619 Cable way z38 (2) I1BC619 Rope castle z38 (3)
I1BC621 Bridge 微信图片_202012021004172