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Slide Component List

z41 (3)

Item Model: I1BC313

Item Name: Triple plastic slide

Warranty: 5~8 years

Packing: Plastic Film+Woven Cotton, Carton

Application: Shopping Mall, Shop, Restaurant, School, Kindergarten, Day care, Indoor Play Center, Play Area etc.

Material:LLDPE Plastic, Organic Glass, Fiberglass, PU Leather, Wood, EPE Sponge

Notice: Click image to see enlarged images.

Game Model Game Name Image Game Model Game Name Image
I1BC301 Single plastic slide z26 (2) I1BC302 Plastic spiral open slide z24 (2)
I1BC303 Double plastic slide z25 (2) I1BC304 Straight closed slide z45 (2)
I1BC305 Double fiberglass wave slide z (2) I1BC306 two layer-closed spiral slide z45 (3)
I1BC307 Three layers double fiberglass wave slide z2 (4) I1BC308 Plastic spiral closed slide with square box z19 (3)
I1BC309 Roller Slide z29 I1BC310 Plastic spiral closed slide with slide panel 3层螺旋滑
I1BC311 Triple fiberglass wave slide z14 I1BC312 Monster Wave Slide 4层魔鬼滑梯2
I1BC313 Triple plastic slide z41 (3) I1BC314 Monster Straight Slide 4层魔鬼滑梯1
I1BC315 Wide fiberglass slide z36 (3) I1BC316 Large rainbow fiberglass wave Slide 4层玻璃钢3滑梯
I1BC317 Wide fiberglass slide with ladder z21 (4)