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Street Workout


Item Model: 3C1006

Item Name: Street Workout Pack

Ground Size: 705*340*235 cm

Main Post: 10*10cm, thickness 2.5mm

Ages: +10 Years

Warranty: 8 years

Packing: Plastic Film + Cotton woven

Application: Community, School, Kindergarten, Public, Play Center, Play Area, Amusement Park,preschools, Child care facilities, Apartment communities, Housing associations, Parks and more!

Material: Galvanized Steel Post, HDPE, Wooden,PVC Leather,LLDPE plastic Component, Stainless Steel Screws, Rubber

Notice: Click image to see enlarged images.

Item No. Ground Size (L*W*H) Image
3C1001 580*55*230 cm
3C1002 330*305*220 cm
3C1003 365*165*220 cm
3C1004 480*215*235 cm
3C1005 250*215*235 cm
3C1006 705*340*235 cm
3C1007 415*585*220 cm
3C1008 1025*445*200 cm