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Space Castle Series With Stainless Steel Slide Outdoor Playground

Item Model: 1B0023

Ground Size: 2120*1390*1090cm

Safety Size: 2420*1690 cm

Ages: 3~14 years

Warranty: 10~15 years

Capacity: 50~70

Packing: Plastic Film + Cotton woven

Application: School, Kindergarten, Day care, Park, Public, Play Center, Play Area, Amusement Park etc.

Material: Galvanized Steel Post, LLDPE plastic Component, Stainless Steel-Slide, Stainless Steel Screws, Powder Coating Platform, Cable rope.

Notice: Click image to see enlarged images.

Item No. Ground Size (L*W*H) Image
1B0012 560*500*330 cm
1B0013 900*560*500cm
1B0014 820*540*610cm
1B0015 1030*600*610cm
1B0016 1310*780*660cm
1B0017 1340*1210*650cm
1B0018 1550*1470*780cm
1B0019 1610*1540*1180cm
1B0020 1850*1020*1180cm
1B0021 1800*1020*870cm
1B0022 1680*1340*990cm
1B0023 2120*1390*1090cm
1B0024 2050*1750*870cm