Outdoor Spring Rider

Products parameter and technology:


A. Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE
B. Metals: National standard galvanized steel pipe
C. Fasteners: 304 stainless


Warranty: 5 years for plastic parts, 3 years for metal parts and components

Packing: Cotton & Plastic film

MOQ:1 piece is acceptable as trail order, 1*20GP for general order.

Installation: Less than 20 pcs ,1.5 day ( 3 persons)

Where Used for:

Indoor and outdoor use. Rental business, parties, clubs, parks, outdoor

entertainment, family backyard, square, festivals and carnivals, schools

and youth groups, advertising and promotional, celebration ceremony,

water park and other.


Why do children need Spring Rider?

1.     Promote children skeleton development

Let children ride spring rider, help children sports all bones, make the

child muscles get balanced growth and development , the development

of motor function by raising the children

2.     Improve the child body balance

Mount spring rider by children , let the free before and after

shaking, can help children effectively improve balance and coordination.

3.     Promote the development of children of the central nervous and mature

Children on the sensitivity of the animal is born, through play and

spring rider, child subconsciously and spring rider, this communication

is not our understanding of language communication, but from the brain

central nervous, the children to make an appointment to play to stimulate

the development and mature of central nervous.

4.     Improve the child health, enhance immunity

Children mount spring rider, can effectively promote the muscles of the

elongation and activeness, especially to the waist and abdomen, limbs

strength has good exercise effect, also can promote the whole body blood

circulation, enhance the child health, enhance immunity.

PV shake joy series

PV shake joy is a kind of PV material, has the very good plasticity and 

damage resistance, He were at the bottom of the spring seat as the source of the 

“shake” , big can spring from multiple angles shake, this is it one of the biggest 

features, break through the bondage of traditional rocking horse for their children 

with different physical and mental experience.

Parents should pay close attention to the development of children’s balance, such 

as body crawl in infancy is less, or basic no creep , so young children should do more 

to sway, spinning, jumping game, reduce vestibular disorders in young children.

Riding a wave of mark to get ready for riding a tricycle, children learn to them 

with your hands, and with the physical control rocking horse shaking speed and 

height, make oneself will not fall off.

Roll mark is very effective to help the baby to promote the body’s balance 

and coordination, through the baby mounts rocking horse, let the free before and 

after shaking, can be very effective in helping him directly improve balance 

and coordination of the consciousness and ability.

Outdoor Spring Rider

Size: 60*35*80cm

Reference FOB price: USD 200 / piece

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